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15.01.2018 08:22

Manuals available from West Rand club

The following manuals are available from the West Rand Club. Please contact the club or Cliff ZS6BOX.


Make Description Condition
BIGEAR 144 - 148 Mhz Transceiver (cover water damaged) Original
CDE Ham 111 Rotor System Photocopy
DAIWA CAN - Automatic Antenna Tuner Photocopy
DRAKE WHT Wattmeter Original
GENERAL ELECTRIC 138 - 174Mhz Mobile Radio Photocopy
HEATHKIT Transistor Tester Original
HWT Low Power CW Transceiver Original
IC 42 Signal Generator Original
HP23 AC Power Supply Original
SC - 650 Frequency Counter Original
SB - 313 Solid State SWL Receiver Original
HW101 SSB Transceiver (cover poor condition) Original
HYGAIN 14AVQS Photocopy
14AVQWB Photocopy
18AVT/WBA Photocopy
18HT Tower Phasing Photocopy
LC80Q 80 Meter Loading Coil Photocopy
2 of TH3 Junior Photocopy
TH3 - Mk3 Photocopy
ICOM IC-215 2M Transceiver Original
IC-290 H/D 144Mhz Transceiver Photocopy
IC-726 HF/50Mhz Transceiver Photocopy
IC-730 HF Transceiver Photocopy
KENPRO KR500 Elevation Rotor Photocopy
KENWOOD AT200 Antenna Tuner Photocopy
AT230 Antenna Tuner Photocopy
PS-5 Power Supply Original
R2000 Communications Receiver Photocopy
TR28B2 Transceiver Circuit Diagram Photocopy
TR - 851A/851E/751A/751E 144/430Mhz Transceiver Photocopy
TR-2200G 2M Transceiver Original
TR-2200GX 2M Transceiver Original
TR-2200GX Service Manual Photocopy
TR-2300 Service Manual Photocopy
TR-7600 2M Transceiver Original
TR-7800 2M Transceiver Original
TR-7800 2M Transceiver Photocopy
KLM 40 - 10V Vertical Antenna Photocopy
KOKUSAI ELECTRIC XF617 VHF FM Transceiver Original
PYE Cambridge Mobile Telephone Photocopy
Europa VHF Mobile Radiotelephone Photocopy
RACAL SMD Type TR-38 User Handbook Original
Type TR-38 SSB Radio Telephone Handbook Photocopy
YAESU YC-355D Frequency Counter Photocopy
FR-100B Communications Receiver Photocopy
FT-7 HF Mobile Transceiver Original
FT-225RD/225R VHF Transceiver Original
FT-301 HF Transceiver (cover loose) Original
FTDX100/150 Transceiver (cover loose) Original
FTDX400 Transceiver Photocopy
FT707 HF SSB Transceiver Original

Kind Regards,

Jacques Scholtz, ZS6JPS